The new interior is the perfect environment to express our identity, stimulate our senses, and make work and relaxing easier and more pleasant. Choosing the right materials ensures a healthy environment with optimal acoustics, healthy daylight, low-maintenance, good air-quality, and responding to the needs of the user. The interior is flexible, sustainable and circular, and preferably multifunctional.

The demands for offices, school, healthcare, houses, and cultural institutes keep on developing and offer chances for material development in the field of environment, appearance, economy, safety, use, and maintenance.


Our Interior-ambassador

Odette Ex

Interior architect


In 1994, Odette Ex founded Ex Interiors. Since then, the agency has grown into a leading, internationally operating firm where complicated projects are tackled with a genuine specialist passion.


Odette studied at Utrecht school of arts (1985-1990), receiving a honourable mention from the Dutch association of interior architects at her graduation. Continuing her studies at the Dutch State Academy of Fine Arts (1991-1993), she focused on the area between architecture and visual arts. From this field of focus, Ex Interiors was founded.

Ex Interiors is an aspiring, personal and professional firm. It has experience in designing for new building projects, restorations and renovations and works for various clients in sectors such as healthcare, education, hospitality, stores and shops, offices and consumers.

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